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Information for Sunday Services

We are looking forward to gathering together for worship. Below are some notes regarding what our services during Phase Three of our ReGathering Plan will look like.
  • Masks will be required for every person who enters the building who is 10 years or older. Regardless of your personal belief or preference on wearing masks, we believe that this is a simple way that we can love one another and make our church services safer and more accessible to those at risk. We will have masks available for anyone who shows up without one. If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons, we will have the Gathering Hall set-up to watch the service. 
  • If you have been diagnosed with Covid, or have been exposed to someone with Covid within the last 14 days, we insist that you remain in quarantine, and join in our services online.
  • We will start with a service capacity of 100 people so that we can maintain social distancing within the worship center. We plan to slowly increase this week to week. 
  • Increased cleaning protocols before, between, and after services. 
  • We have opened up C3Kids classes for Infants through Kindergarten, but spaces are limited to ensure the safety of our teachers & children. It is our hope to open up 1st Grade-5th Grade classes but we are still in need of teachers to make that possible. If you are able to serve, please contact Brooke

Though we desire to see you all, we understand that there are varying levels of risk.  If you are of higher risk, due to age or a medical condition, we encourage you to consider joining online.

We have a significant number of volunteer needs to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our gathering. If you are willing to serve, please review the different serving opportunities and contact Anna to be schedule. If you are serving, then you do not need to register below.

Our services will be live-streamed each Sunday on Facebook & YouTube for those who need to remain home during this season. You can check our ReGathering Plan for more information on our Phase Three plans or estimated dates for other phases of ReGathering.