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2025 Holy Land Tour

Has it ever been your dream to visit the Holy Land?

Have you talked about it for years and just wished for a trip that would work with your schedule?

A trip that would really teach you from a Biblical perspective, what exactly happened in these places?

You will find the Word of God coming alive as you walk where Jesus walked. Your faith will also grow as you study Scripture in the place where it was written.

C3 is going to the
Holy Land

For many years, it has been a dream of our pastors to be able to arrange a life-changing trip to the Holy Land for C3, and 2025 is the year we are going to do it!

February 19th-28th, 2025 will be the dates of our 10 day tour of Israel.

Visiting Israel is truly a spiritually rewarding experience like none other as you immerse yourself in the geography, culture and context of Scripture. You will never read your Bible the same again!

How Do I Secure My Spot?

Registration begins now, and there are discounts for early registration. Click HERE for an electronic brochure with all the information, including a detailed itinerary and registration information. Use tour code: Rapp25

The trip is February 19-28th, and the cost is $4787 per person.


Where will we
be going?

• Caesarea
• Megiddo
• Nazareth
• Cana
• Galilee
• Mt. of Beatitudes
• Jordan River
• Sea of Galilee boat ride
• Dan
• Jerusalem
• Mt. of Olives
• Garden of Gethsemane
• Temple Mount
• Bethlehem
• En Gedi
• Qumran
• Dead Sea float
• Masada
• City of David
• Hezekiah’s tunnel
• Pool of Siloam
• Garden Tomb