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The Opportunity: Associate Director of Student Ministry

Christ Community Church (C3) was planted in January 2012 by 150 people who were committed to starting a gospel-centered church on the west side of Houston. Since that time, C3 has focused on making disciples through gospel-centered worship, teaching, community, and mission. The church now averages over 450 people per week and is a part of Acts 29 Network.

We’re seeing students come to know the Lord, experience Christian community, and we have an incredible team of 20 volunteers who serve with us every week. Kids are starting to share the gospel with friends, high school students are discipling fellow students in the ministry, and we’re seeing new students almost every single week.

C3 is looking to add a full-time Associate Director of Student Ministry with strong relational and administrative skills to join our Student Minister in executing the vision of the Student Ministry. 

Please read through our mission & distinctives and the job description below and apply here:


​​Youth Ministry Mission & Distinctives

The C3 Student Ministry exists to partner with parents and equip the church body to make students into fully devoted disciple-makers. 

1. Discipling towards multiplication.

We believe that we are called to make disciples of Jesus who go on to make disciples. We want to challenge students to apply the gospel to every area of their lives, challenging students to grow in their knowledge of God (knowing things about God/scripture), in their affection for God (feeling closer to God, intimacy & love for God), and their action (obedience in applying God’s word). ​​

We want students to be balanced in their pursuit of holiness for the sake of the world. Growing as followers of Jesus not to isolate themselves in a covenant cul-de-sac with fellow believers closed off to the world, but living as missionaries for Jesus who make disciples in their schools, teams, families, neighborhoods, and friends.

2. Expositional preaching

C3’s preaching in our Sunday gatherings is a heavy diet of expositional preaching where we work verse by verse through books of the Bible. This is true for the youth ministry as well, although we will supplement with some topical-exposition on subjects relevant to MS and HS students.

We believe that students are capable of hearing the Bible taught and we should continually challenge them towards depth and maturity.

 3. “Equipping the Saints” model of youth ministry

We believe that the primary role of vocational ministry positions (directors, ministers, pastors) is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12). For the youth ministry, this means that as paid staff we should set an example in making disciples, but we are uniquely called to equip people within the church body to partner with us in discipling students to follow Jesus and live for him.

 4. Simple youth ministry / Family services

We have a low-program approach to youth ministry. We feel that we are most effective when we focus on fewer programs with a high degree of excellence. We have one weekly program for the youth group on Sunday nights and the rest of our discipling takes place during the week through our discipleship program. 

We do not currently offer Sunday morning programs for youth ministry because we strongly desire that MS and HS students attend church with their families and get experience being fully part of the local church.