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Stories of Grace

What does it mean to proclaim Christ in our culture? The church isn’t able to meet in person right now but we are still able to encourage one another and share the hope & peace we have in Christ with our community. How can we do this during a time of social distancing? We can be salt & light to our online communities.

The week of Easter, we asked our church to step up and share the stories of how #JesusChangedMyLife. We would like to continue this movement in our church, with individuals sharing regularly how God has been at work in their lives (#StoriesOfGrace_C3). In doing this, we hope to encourage the body of Christ and reach those we are already connected to online.

We believe that this virus is actually an opportunity to share the gospel with far more people than we typically would and to empower you to be the primary heralds of the good news. Would you step up to the challenge of sharing YOUR story? 

Here’s how you can join in and how we can help you prepare your story: 

Film yourself sharing how Jesus Christ has changed your life or simply how God has been at work recently in your life & post your 2-4 minute video on social media with the hashtag #StoriesOfGrace_C3.  (Make sure to tag our church so we can see it). Don’t have social media? Email us your video.

Helpful Notes:

  1. Make sure that Jesus is the hero of your story. 
  2. How have you specifically experienced God’s grace in your life? 
  3. Do not make it a biography.  Make sure to keep it about 5 minutes max. 
  4. Be sure to use the hashtag #StoriesOfGrace_C3 & tag C3HoustonTx

Practical Filming Tips

  1. Choose a spot with a neutral background so as not to distract from your message.
  2. Avoid backlighting where the major source of light is coming from behind you.
  3. Make sure you are in a well-lit space. If possible, use natural light.
  4. Film at eye level to give the best perspective.
  5. If you are using your phone, make sure to clean the lens.
  6. Film in portrait (vertical) orientation which is the best for posting on social media platforms.

Need help or have questions? Contact us by clicking below.

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Example Video from David: