Sherwood Forest Property

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A Story of God's Continued Provision: Within about nine months of starting Christ Community and seeing God bring people to the church we had the fortunate problem of considering what we would do about future meeting space. We began to pray and consider our options with the unwavering commitment to make decisions that would be marked by a utilitarian view of future church space, a commitment to steward God's resources well over the short and long haul, our vision for being a church planting church rather than a mega church and a commitment to not detract from our missions giving and our ministry efforts....Keep Reading

"The Big Story" Starts in January

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Everyone lives in a story. Each person lives with their own understanding of how the universe works, and where they fit a sense, they have an idea of their role in their version of the story. In fact, usually they are the main character; the hero, if you will! Many deny this grand story has any meaning; some suggest there's really no story at all (which, of course, becomes their story!)....Keep Reading