Sunday Worship

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Our Desire For Sunday is Not to “Come to Church”

We want to gather as an expression of our day-in, day-out experience of “being the church”. Our Sunday worship service should represent an overflow of worshiping lives 24/7. Therefore, when we come together everything we do should manifest worship: our fellowship, our giving, our praying, our singing, our study, and our embrace extended to those we love and brand new friends. And it all should reflect real life. So Sunday mornings should be…

Genuine, Not Fake

The way we dress, talk, and interact should be real and unaffected, not pretend or plastic. So we’re more casual than formal, free than structured, contemporary than traditional, and down-to-earth than pie-in-the-sky.

Practical, Not Perfunctory

We want our kids ministered to with excellence, we want our giving to be used efficiently, we want our time to be not wasted, but invested toward eternal values.

Relevant, Not Unconnected

We design our musical worship to be accessible and fresh, while still honoring the substantive musical heritage of our faith. And since our music component is a corporate offering of worship, it should reflect both excellence and participation, not mere observation.

Theological, Not Theoretical

The center of our time together is the clear, plain, and powerful explanation and application of eternal truth; a presentation rooted not in our own ideas, but in the text of God’s Word alone. The end of our teaching is not less than information, but surely must be more: the transformation of our lives through the renewing of our thinking (Romans 12.1-2).