Sherwood Forest Property

A Story of God's Continued Provision

Within about six months of starting Christ Community and seeing God bring people to the church we had the fortunate problem of considering what we would do about future meeting space. We began to pray and consider our options with the unwavering commitment to make decisions that would be marked by a utilitarian view of future church space, a commitment to steward God's resources well over the short and long haul, a vision for being a church planting church rather than a mega church and a commitment to not detract from our missions giving.

We looked at many options. We could continue to meet at the Westin on Sunday morning and pay for three hours of premium space each week and continue to setup/takedown or we could find a place to lease or purchase that we could have 24 hour access to for our ministries. We spent much prayer, time and effort considering our options and decided to pursue the route of either leasing or buying space we could have access to around the clock. We began to look in a 1 mile radius around beltway 8 and I10. Leases for space that would accommodate our needs on Sunday morning for worship and kid space was difficult to find to say the least and out of our price range to consider. We began to consider places to purchase and invest our resources in over the long term. Should we buy land and build or should we buy a property and renovate? We found that the most cost effective way for us to proceed and honor our commitments stated above was to pursue purchasing and renovating an existing property. In our team's search we came across the Sherwood Forest Property and began to look closer and pray about purchasing this property. In December of 2012, our membership overwhelmingly voted to purchase the Sherwood Forest Property (1303 Sherwood Forest just outside Beltway 8 and I10) and due to Christ Community Church's generosity, we paid cash for the property. This is just one of many countless examples of God's gracious hand on C3 for the sake of His Kingdom and His glory!

Our 3.5 acre property is set in the pine trees of Sherwood Forest and has a 26,000 sq. ft. business park that we remodeled and converted into our church home where we have been grateful to gather since January 2014. 

See the site map and ministry uses section below to understand how the space is now being used....

Sherwood Forest pic

Ministry Uses

  • Sanctuary that seats 500- our desire is not to grow into a mega-church but to seed church plants around Houston as we grow.
  • Fellowship Hall/Gathering area- a multi-purpose space for fellowship and gathering on Sunday mornings, EQUIP classes, student ministry, worship venues, banquets, conferences,etc...
  • Kitchen area off the fellowship hall-serve coffee, prepare and serve food and drinks
  • 4 Preschool Classrooms for ages 0-5 for our Sunday School hour and potential MDO and nursery uses in the future.
  • 9 Additional Multi-Purpose Classrooms- for Kids ministry on Sunday morning, EQUIP classes, etc...
  • Storage Units-tables and chairs off fellowship hall and sanctuary
  • Nursing Mom's room so moms can nurse their babies but still hear the preaching of God's word.
  • Resource Room for Kids Ministry supplies
  • Administrative offices
  • Parking Lot to accommodate 200+ cars
  • Playground and Outdoor seating area in the back for Kids and Families.
  • Landscaped Courtyard in the front
  • Future Renovated Student Ministry Building on NW corner of property