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piazza maggioreMarch 15-22 we have the opportunity to go and serve in Bologna, Italy, alongside Jesse Marcos, a CRU missionary we currently support here at C3. Bologna, Italy, is located in northern Italy between Milan and Florence. It is on the border of Tuscany and in the region of Emilia Romagna and is the capital city of that region. The people of Bologna are known as Bolognese and they take great pride of their city. They refer to Bologna as Bologna the Learned, Bologna the Fat, and Bologna the Red. The Learned represents their university which has over 100,000 students. The Fat for being the culinary capital of Italy since parmesan cheese, Tortellini, and Tagliatelle originate here. Lastly, Bologna the Red, which boasts for their many red roofs and red stone which is called Rosa Bologna.

Jesse and Tricia Marcos moved to Bologna, Italy, to partner with pastors from TEAM and AVANT with the challenge to begin a University Ministry 6 years ago. It had been over 20 years since there has been a full time ministry presence on that campus. They accepted that challenge, and partnered with Nuova Vita, as well as 3 other churches and began their ministry.

The University of Bologna originated in 1088, and is home to over 100,000 college students. So far through outreaches, and summer missions trips, over 1,000 people have heard the gospel, and six have come to know the Lord. This is unheard of and has not been seen before.

Nuova Vita church is an Acts 29 church plant that the Marcos’ have come along side. Nuova Vita church has several ministries including university, prison, prostitution, and poverty. This church has been a haven to those off the streets, coming from poverty, or those who are wandering lost on a college campus as they learn what it means to have a relationship with the Lord. Right now they are currently working on renovating a building so that they have a place to worship.

Italy is a forgotten region, not often seen as an area that desperately thirsts for the gospel. Will you consider coming with us this March to serve the Marcos’ and Nuova Vita? We will be bringing a team of 8-10 people to help with construction of their new church building, and campus outreach around the city. The estimated cost is 1,500 per person, and we will have more details soon. 

If you are interested please sign up by December 22, by emailing Seth Thornton at

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