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July 10, 2014 | 0 comments

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XMG_9790.JPGXMG_9628.JPGIf you were at C3 last Sunday, you heard about the urgent need for church planting in Italy from Jonathan Gilmore, the country coordinator for Impatto (Acts 29 in Italy). During C3’s mission trip this past Spring to Bologna, our team worked alongside Nuova Vita- an Impatto church. The team helped with the renovation of part of Nuova Vita’s church building. To the left is a picture of the team and the pastor Gianluca Derudas. Below, is another picture of Italians worshipping Sunday morning.  

But so much of what Nuova Vita is trying to accomplish goes beyond the four walls of the church. Italy has been hard hit economically, and its people struggle spiritually despite its long church history. Nuova Vita has several projects aimed at addressing major problems in the culture while introducing people to the hope and life found in the grace of Christ and the love of the family of God.

Senza Tetto is the homeless ministry Nuova Vita will house in its new ministry center. The homeless have dormitories they can use at night, but nowhere to go during the day. The youth members of Nuova Vita decided to offer a place for the homeless to do laundry and eat lunch. After getting their laundry started, they will eat lunch and discuss the Bible and spiritual matters together at the church. This tangible demonstration of God’s love is essential in a place where spirituality can often be reduced to simple church tradition.

Italy currently leads the EU in human trafficking and the women stuck in prostitution desperately need a way out. Vitae Transformate (Transformed Lives) is Nuova Vita’s outreach to women in prostitution. The ministry center will provide a physical location where the women can meet each other, grow relationships, and learn about God in a safe space. The ultimate goal is to open the first evangelical restoration house in the entire country.

Nuova Vita is seeing exciting things happen. In the past few months, they baptized three people and also saw several Italians come to faith- one being the boyfriend of a woman who was formerly a prostitute. In a country where fewer than 1% of the population knows Jesus, this is a huge answer to prayer. While they are working intensely to reach Italy, they are also focused on reaching the world, with an upcoming mission trip to Bulgaria planned for August.

Nuova Vita is a church body working diligently to live out the Great Commission. Please be in prayer for them as we continue to partner together in ministry. Pray for the health of the church, for new converts and the training of new believers, for resources to grow and work effectively, and for their mission trip to Bulgaria.

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