"The Big Story" Starts in January

September 16, 2013 | 0 comments

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Bible pic for Big Story

Everyone lives in a story. Each person lives with their own understanding of how the universe works, and where they fit in...in a sense, they have an idea of their role in their version of the story. In fact, usually they are the main character; the hero, if you will! Many deny this grand story has any meaning; some suggest there's really no story at all (which, of course, becomes their story!).

Followers of Jesus believe in a story; in fact, the grandest of all stories. And it's a true story; history is "His-story"! Have you ever read it? No, I mean, really read it, beginning to end??

Beginning in January, the church family of C3Houston will begin a year-long journey through this grandest story of all. Individually and as families, we will read through God's Story. C3 will provide tools and helpful accompanying material that will enhance our comprehension of His Story. In Community Groups and in our discipling relationships we will share our impressions and growth rooted in our journey through God's Story. In our worship services we will teach through God's Story, tracking with our reading and sharing together. Genesis through Revelation, the first Adam in the Garden through to the Last Adam on His throne. And what's more, we'll learn our roles in The Big Story.

Get ready...this will be life-changing for our lives, our families, our church body, and our new neighborhood on Sherwood Forest. From the very beginning you won't want to miss "The Big Story"!

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